The Art of DEAN


I have been expressing myself in art since befor i could even talk according to my parents, i was holding a pencil and paintbrush in my hand befor i could walk. As soon as i was big enough to hold a camera i started to work with photography. Then when the digital world exploded on to the scene i embraced the format as simply another way of exploring art. Now i work in all formats traditional digital and in mixed media.  Working in design cd covers banners logos ect as well as maintaining my traditional artwork. In my artwork as in my music (i am also a musician) my ethos is to have no boundaries. In my traditional art paintings and drawings you will see a love of wildlife and nature, my digital work takes on a more imaginative roll. As well as working on my own projects i also undertake commissions in all the mediums already mentioned if you would like to know more or would like me to undertake a commission please do email me via my contact page.